A Brave New MacBook World

After a while longer with the New MacBook, I’ve got a few more thoughts.

In my previous post The New MacBook, First Impressions I never mentioned the single USB C port. A lot of reviewers have lamented the New MacBook’s lack of ports. The lone USB C port does double duty providing both recharging power and connectivity. USB C is the future of USB, it provides power, USB connectivity and video out. The problem for “power users” is that you can only do one thing at a time. You have to choose between charging or using the port to connect to a USB hard drive.

So, is the lack of wired connectivity a deal breaker?

There are workarounds involving adapters and USB hubs and over time, there will be more cables and accessories. USB C is the new standard for all manufacturers. I have an adapter for conventional USB, but to date I’ve only connected the power cord.


Apple designed the New MacBook to connect to the world wirelessly. This was also the reasoning behind the original MacBook Air. The first version of the Air only had a single USB port. It must have been a little ahead of it’s time, as newer versions shipped with more than one port.

So how has this brave new wireless world worked for me so far?

I set up the computer as a new Mac and wirelessly synched it up with iCloud. My Calendar, Contacts, Safari Bookmarks, Photos, and iTunes Music came over without a hitch. My apps downloaded wirelessly from the Mac App Store and the internet. All my DropBox files came over from the cloud and copied themselves to my MacBook’s drive. I was using a Thunderbolt/USB drive as a Time Machine backup for my MacBook Pro, I’ll probably hook it up when I want to turn on time Machine or need to find an old photo that isn’t in my online library. I’m not in a rush. My wireless world is looking pretty good, so far.


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